Select 12, 50 or under Rate. Defines whether the period character hex 2E is included in the ASCII output report between the units and tenths digits. The application program must examine the high order bit of each byte to determine when a format begins. Work through the troubleshooting flowcharts on the following pages in this troubleshooting guide. Controllin g the Alarm.

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Roll-Up II 17 Table 2: This format is five bytes long and is frequently transmitted at baud.

The Roll-Up II is now ready to accept commands. Send command SE to exclude the Space character. Six digitizing modes are available, but only one can be used at a time: So ghco different things out there. Note the corresponding SuperSet Code. These are the parameters you must set for both devices: If Command Mode is invoked during transmission of a coordinate, that coordinate transmission will be completed. Tracing objects and creat Place the accessories in the accessory case and put it inside the hollow insert.


The delimiter lets the Roll-Up II know the command is complete. Using the Cu stom Gtdo nfiguration Menu. The perfect tool rol Roll-Up II 33 Character Format and Baud Rate Character format and baud rate govern how bits are assembled to form characters and the speed of transmission. Also shop in Also shop in.

Page 6 Roll-Up II 6 5. Warranty Service Procedures 1. On the other hand, ASCII coordinate formats are longer than binary ones, so they take longer to transmit and they occupy more space rll stored in memory.

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It is in flawless condition. RS The Reset command will reset the Controller to the last known rlol, clearing all previous commands sent to the Controller. Page 5 Roll-Up II 5 factory-supplied shipping tube.

Send command CE to exclude the Carriage Return character. Connect the interface cable to the appropriate jack on the connector panel. This unit has the 24″ x 20″ active area.


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Der Deutschen Bundespost wurde das Inverkehrbringen dieses Geraetes angezeigt und die Berechtigung zur Ueberpruefung der Serie auf Einhaltung der Bestimmungen gtxo. This option is available only in Summagraphics formats. This page was last updated: This unit has the 36″ x 48″ active area. Select the Point option under Mode.

GTCO Roll-Up II : Users Guide User guide

Minimal Setup for Maximum Results. This places the digitizer in Select Mode.

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