This guide will help you customize MirrorSync to suit your development needs, and provide detailed instructions for various situations. I am having trouble with the code Yes, MirrorSync works with FileMaker container fields. Regardless of whether you use the installer or not, if you install enough instances of MirrorSync, you may start to run out of memory. Remember that the script will be running as the user doing the sync, so you can use the Get AccountName function to determine which records are available. Did you get the logon box?

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and jdcb our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. When MirrorSync gets a list of all modifications, it will automatically detect the offline user’s timezone and clock drift and compensate for it.

This gives you your own copy of the data that always matches what is in the SQL database. In chapter 23 it gives directions to download the Mckoi database.

DB2 Connect v6 and Control Center on OS/390

Export the field contents and see if it is 4 bytes long. If you’re still getting this error after following it’s steps, make sure you don’t have another layout or layout folder with the “MirrorSync” name.

There is one difference to be aware of:. With iOS 6, you got a little progress bar that fills across the tab until the file downloads.

FileMaker then opens both of those references, which triggers the licensing server as two copies of FileMaker Pro.

SAP Library – Transferring Data with UD Connect

MirrorSync will continue to retry that edit operation each djbc the sync script is run. If you’re syncing with a copy of the server file, but for file size reasons, you don’t want them to download a complete copy of the databasefollow these steps:.


We assume that you are familiar with Linux, and have already installed Java and Tomcat version 7. Within demo, there is a folder named Developer-managed keys must NOT have the ‘prohibit modification’ option set, because MirrorSync needs to write to this field to make it match the device where the record originated. Here is the jdbfdriver process:. This is typically sufficient for syncing change batches of aroundrecords, although that number gets much smaller if the records contain a lot of information.

Syncing certain fields is also very easy: Friday, 7 April 1: We set up a benchmark with simultaneous syncing clients to test.

How to specify the connection information for a database or other JDBC data source

Typically the host name used to reach the server should match the servers established host name. Let’s say that your table contains a regular modification timestamp called ‘Modification timestamp’. When this is set, any bugs reported by users will be cc’d to this e-mail address, and tech support responses from Works will jdbcdrived to this e-mail address instead of back to the user.

I keep setting the number instead of incrementing it. Your script should get the client name or whatever field s you udbcdriver to use to de-dupe of the newly inserted record and do a search for it. If you are curious as to what the installer actually does, it modifies and adds the following:.


Не найдено подходящих драйверов для jdbc: mysql://localhost: 3306/jpa

Driver” ; gives ClassNotFoundException: Typically this will be the host name or IP address of the machine running MirrorSync. This restriction means that no sync process can legally be used to transfer data between the runtime edition and FileMaker Server, whether that is from a 3rd party or a home-grown automation process. The reason why these are not allowed on the sync layout is because they will always result in a conflict.

This could get annoying if it happens in the middle of something that the user is working on. MirrorSync won’t re-number your foreign keys, which means that the wrong children records will point to the wrong parent records when the records are synced with the server. The hub password is not embedded or stored in the client file, it is only stored on the MirrorSync server. Jbdc can be multiple jfbcdriver, although they must be the same type of database. The initial sync will run very quickly in this configuration, and will take care of deleting records that the user does not have access to based on filtering criteria.

If it doesn’t, you might need to restart the computer. In the screen where you select your primary keys, check the box titled ‘Custom SQL qualifier’.

If that still does not solve the problem, please contact us at support works.