Wallet cases are popular and so are cases with kickstands for media viewing. I never fired up the advanced features on the Pocket PC to make comparisons. Visit our network of sites: These look pretty good, small of course but good. Only the first 50 comments are displayed within the article. Just about all the edges are rounded and the device sits very well in my hand. Hidden card slot, drop protection, and kickstand.

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Brighthand Reviews the Sony Clie SJ33

Sh33 the JogDial, this is useful for quickly checking the time or looking up an address. They aren’t making any fat margins. Instead, I used the SJ33 intermittently while an application kept track of how much time it was on. It’s too bad Sony didn’t go with a textured, pebbled plastic shell.

Again, you can stick more memory into the machine, but it doesn’t look like regular Palm applications will aj33 able to take advantage of it; the extra memory will just end up being there for data storage. Sony is now taking preorders for this model at SonyStyle.

Inside Lenovo’s new Beijing campus. The TG50 is going to be Sony’s answer to the Axim.


There are some issues with the IR port to be aware of. It may be a little old but it works! Visit our network of sites: Attached to the main body with hinges, the new cover lets you enjoy casual use more than ever! The audio player does require a memory stick, which is not really a big deal.

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The up and down buttons are depressed as well and look almost like a D-pad. The shiny black plastic most of the SJ33 is covered in looks cool, but it really shows finger prints. I expect that if the T T Launcher had the option of displaying “Icon small ” it would have been shown that way.

The JogDial and Back buttons are on the left side of the device and are positioned well for comfortable one-handed use. Not two different methods. Conclusions The SJ33 is an attractive mid-range handheld with with audio entertainment capabilities and a great screen.

Sony CLIE SJ33 First Impressions Review

The overall feel and spacing are excellent and should lend themselves quite well to gaming. This is a nice unit that should be pretty quick 66MHz. But I still think this device is going to face some tough competition from Axim X5. Of course, the SJ33 includes the standard Palm OS applications, like an address book, a scheduler, a to-do-list, and more. The SJ33 hardware is just too expensive for what it does.


To let applications take advantage of larger screens and large memories, Palm needs to make big changes to the APIs. Purely a hardware issue. I also want a flip cover like the SJ33 and my Edge have. The four main launcher buttons are now sunken in the body a little bit.

I played a few basketball games with LEDhead and had no problems. Who wouldn’t like their hacks back?

Sony has managed to put together a very solid software bundle with the SJ This shuts down the screen but allows the handheld to still run, saving on battery power. The best last-minute tech gifts, gadgets for your mom this Christmas. Sorry abosco – not point set and match. This screen is a transflective LCD, which means it looks good both indoors and outdoors. Three hours, with an alarm.