You end up with: Assuming a built-in-driver program supports your telescope mount, what do you have to do to get it going? Source for non-commercial use. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Although I have looked at the matter of telescope control using Ascom via Eqmod, I am unclear about the following: The reticule info is placed on a separate page, it is deserves its own page J. Source now posted that matches pin definitions in the schematic.

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Start Cartes du Ciel. Read the blank chip and write down the value at 0x3ff!!!

Ascom Telescope guiding – Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice – Stargazers Lounge

You will have to know the com port number to set up an astronomy program. This setup has been tested and confirmed working with the following software and mounts but will most likely work with all ASCOM based software; and since most mounts mainly works the same way we expect it will also work with most possibly all mount variations.

Sign In Sign Up. This autostarr provides both telescope and focuser interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs.

Uncle Rod’s Astro Blog: Those Crazy Computers Part II

The design below uses up 4 more pins semi wasteful but then it would take another chip to invert the direction line to the H-bridge This could be decreased to 2 pins and the power selection circuitry removed if the code did full PWM, coding exercise for another time J. When I loaded it to ma basically by shorting the motor pins, it drew ma and the diode and PNP transistor got hot and the PIC crashed. What kind of something?


Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice. Sign in Already have an account? Please go to the Astro-Physics Driver web page for their driver and associated software. The author provides a self-contained installer. Now it shouldn’t need to use an ascom driver, because the proper driver is installed, but I give it a go anyway, and this just offers me 2 simulators and 3 QHY cameras I have one qhy driver installed for the guidecam Or you may not like it.

This in turn is all controlled through PHD guide software, in the mount menu I choose Ascom and not on camera which you would choose for ST4 guiding. If you say ‘yes’, PHD2 will try to connect and then fill in some of the data fields with information read from the device. I am at a total loss Pins 2,3 and 7 have internal nominal 20k pull-ups enabled.

Same thing with telescope mounts; you install a driver. You can park the scope from the software or the Autostar II handbox.

Below is an illustration of the connections from the hand control cable to the Bluetooth adapter. The PC has to know what it is talking to and how to talk to it. Even astro-ware-a-holic Asocm occasionally get tired of all the stuffand goes back to the hand control. Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to provide social media functions autostwr to analyse our traffic. An alternate design for the power would be as above, do full PWM or play with the adjust voltage on an lmT by imposing a second resistor between adjust and PIC pin RA6 and switching the resistor to ground or letting it float thereby providing two different voltages.


This is a full-featured driver that provides not only ASCOM standard driver functions, but also user access to many of the Temma’s special features. Saying ‘no’ simply means you’ll have to enter the data by hand.

If you want to use the same equipment set-up with different binning levels, it’s best to create separate profiles for each binning value.

Technical info on 909 and Aux Bus

Be prepared for limitations and problems. Thanks for all the advice. Many telescope models from different manufacturers support this 4-wire guide interface input albeit with different pins or signal polarities. You will need to autostae a USB Bluetooth dongle if your computer does not already have Bluetooth capabilities; otherwise click the Bluetooth icon in Windows task bar:.

As you make selections for the various devices, you will usually see a prompt asking if the device is already connected and ready to communicate with PHD2. If you are from Italy -contact me- first for shipping quote Orders from a country I will autoostar ship to will be promptly refunded and not fulfilled Note: