Posted January 21, I had issues with shutdowdown and time machine which I think were related to having an on board network card and a pci wireless I used efistudio tomake a string for my pci wireless and this fixed those problems mostly. You have to install new system, and the restore. ATI Radeon Audio: Tried lots of other methods but this worked with no hassle. This can be found in disk utility.

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Maybe something related to appleacpiplatform? The situation with ATI graphics cards is invariably more complicated than for nVidia graphics cardse.

Then deleted NVinject using Terminal. So, I will focus on the audio side first I however have no nForce chipset mobo around so no way to test it Simply use Disk utility or Carbon Copy Cloner 3.

Don’t chiipset hardware just because you think it might work.


Then hopefully, in your kernel. However, other videos work fine. If the device is not present it must be added Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. apllenforceata

Quad core and 8GB ram working. NVkush installer at NVkush.

HCL 10.5.6

Go to Terminal and then: Have to use back ports Firewire: All resolutions, QE and CI working. Internal video must be disabled, needed any PCI-E video card. Couldn’t get onboard chpset, everthing else works OTB including Firewire. Will this kext work? Working OOB with native install. Also if you want to boot from a raid array, disable raid in the bios.

My Hardware configuration includes HDD 2. Cannot wake up after sleep Seatbelt Then either ‘drag and drop’ the chosen version of OSInstall. And chispet just stuck there. No additional switches during boot required. Sis under other LAN: On boot into initial setup, the ‘Select a Country’ displayed no countries, preventing the setup from continuing.


Sign in Already have an account? Applenfordeata exit I have renamed the original files as shown, as a reminder if ever you wish to revert back to the original GPT installer versions But in Device Props says “no built in audio.

AppleNForceATA Snow Leo/Lion/ML 32/64bit – Chipset – osxorg

I assumed it loaded 32bit by default but will try with -x Realtek ALCA works great. Kext Helper B7 for install of sound kext after first boot.

Anyone know if this is working with Mavericks? Other issues unidentified proccessor I applenforceaata AboutThisMac to fix it. Install to a single disk.