Performance of the array is good. Back to the old system and the promise controller, I found that the partition table was corrupt. Thank you very much!!! If you are performance-wise, avoid PMs, indeed. Any experience with running them in FreeBSD? Is it me or is this a common problem? The cards I purchased from StarTech.

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[all variants] Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8

I was using 4TB drives. SAS Training in Hyderabad is provided by clinnovo institute that is a pioneer in offering sas course. Our RR64x series, for example, support PM capable enclosures and chassis.

It’s probably a slight bottleneck, but even though, for 4 ports, PCI-E 2. I don’t know if it is significant but when you run mvf it reports the version of the ROM and the version of the firmware on any adapters it finds.

From 32 to 2 ports: Ideal SATA/SAS Controllers for ZFS & Linux MD RAID

I myself have used the i with the IT firmware, and have used software RAID on top of it, and everything worked flawlessly. I find this is test gives me a useful idea of the real world performance of the array aoc-xas2lp-mv8 load I used the latest bios and drivers for each card The following numbers are with the drives in a Sans Digital TR4M with its port multiplier.


Now I wanted to migrate to Ubuntu I pulled the card last night and put it in a different PCI slot. Thanks a lot for posting.

There is also an OpenSolaris driver issue that produces frequent hesitations in the data flow, not to mention the fact that OpenSolaris doesn’t support this controller’s NCQ.

For reference, the maximum practical throughputs per port I assumed have been computed with these formulas: Adaptec HBA based on the I recently purchased an Areca to connect an external enclosure with 8 disks. Their website is grossly lacking in information.

Thanks vlad, I have updated the blog entry. Only a handful of drives?

totally lost with install of AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 – Storage Devices and Controllers – Unraid

I could repair this from the backup tables using gdisk and finally got the array back. Sign up using Facebook.

What is the white plug J6 for on this card? Hi, Here is my experience. Obviously connecting them to the JMB is better. I’ll probably reset that this evening to see if there’s any aoc–sas2lp-mv8.

This article is over a year old now so data provided could be well out of date. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Just curious what you all would recommend. A very helpful page. However, beware, this chip does not support drives aoc-sxs2lp-mv8 than 2TB. However this chip is especially popular because it has very good Solaris support and was chosen by Sun for their first generation Sun Fire X Server “Thumper”.


That is not possible with mpt2sas drivers up to version Performance of the array is good. I want this to be more of an appliance; always on, low-power, ideally it would spin drives down if there was nothing accessing it for a time.

I wonder if the extra stuff can be get to use it in extra devices in the future USB for example. Stefano Del Corno wrote: Yes, this is very odd. Any wisdom much appreciated. I’ve never heard of this previously but I can try it if someone would be so kind aoc-sas2l-pmv8 to explain the procedure to me.