Brake test parameter error M00 Aux arbitrary coordinate index sta No. M01 Handle ratio too large Details – The handle ratio is too large for the handle feed clamp speed. The dual signal module may be broken when this alarm occurs. Coast to a stop Absolute position data lost Details The absolute position data was lost in the detector. Required after the power is turned ON again.

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Note If the NC system is updated sm2141 the one older than Ver. Remedy – Keep nesting levels at 16 or under. Battle for the Citadel at Arta, plate Remedy – Set the external spindle speed clamp speed parameter. Required – Alarm reset when power is turned OFF: Remedy – Correct the program so that the number of subprogram calls does not exceed 8 times. Details – The intelligent function module’s refresh parameter setting is outside the available range. Remedy – Correct the feed hold switch setting.

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M01 Bottom dead center pos. Returns with movement within degrees from the middle point to reference position.


Pwr module overcurnt Details Overcurrent protection function in the power module has started its operation. Votive panel from the Pitsa Cave, Remedy – Edit the PLC parameter program setting to “yes”. Note 2 “Z71” alarms are displayed as “Z71 Abs encoder failure” with the error number.

M01 Internal interlock axis exists Details The internal interlock state has been entered. Inhibits inside area Select stored stroke limit II B.

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Red-figure crater depicting a convers Complete zero point initialization. Contact the service center. Remedy – Check the network parameters and mounting status, and if they differ, match the network parameters and mounting status.

Tool length compensation disable Wear compensation enable 3: Remedy – Correct the program. Coast to a stop Feedback error 1 Details Either a missed feedback pulse in the position detection or an error in the Z-phase was detected. Error 5 Details An error was detected by the detector connected to the main side.

Details An automatic tool length measurement command G37 was issued though it is out of specifications.

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Error numbers are the four digit numbers displayed displayed after error names start from The software or hardware may be damaged. Kylix with Spirals, Mycenaean period, Drive unit unequipped” will not occur. However, since the speed at the corner goes down, the cycle time will be extended. Conventional specification JOG is started or stopped by a signal via ladder without reference to ms1241 external signal input.


The Life of a Motorsport Photographer Part 2. Remedy – Divide the alarm block command into two. Non-interpolation error Details Remedy High-accuracy control was commanded in hypothetical axis command mode in the hypothetical linear axis control. Remedy – Press the automatic start button after the buffer correction is completed.

Small Panathenaic Amphora, Bulas Grou Commu error Details An error was detected in the communication with the motor side detector.